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Costa del Sol, which means “The Coast of Sun” in Spanish, is a coastal strip in the south of Spain between Gibraltar on the West and Nerja on the East. It consolidates several beautiful resort towns of the province of Andalusia.

Andalusia is the birthplace of flamenco and corrida bullfighting. It is a gastronomic capital of Spain and a depository of great historical sights. Andalusia represents the real Spain as it is pictured by tourists who come here from all over the world, the Spain that we see in films and books. It is bright, temperamental and fascinating! Andalusian culture has formed in course of interaction of different cultures and civilizations, which eventually created unique cultural space. That is why this place if equally comfortable for representatives of various nationalities and religions. It is no wonder that nowadays a world-famous resort, combining luxury, warm and cozy atmosphere, and developed infrastructure, is located here.

Unique natural and landscape conditions have created ideal climate here. There are about 330 sunny days per year in the cities of Costa del Sol. The average winter temperature does rarely drop below 20 °C, and in summer is about 30 °C, so you can spend your vacations here all year round. The nature of the region is beautiful and very rich – there are forests, parks, sea, ocean, beaches, caves, mountains and cliffs here. While walking along the seaside on a sunny day, you can see the coast of Africa. Knowing that standing on the coast in Europe and you can see Africa with the naked eyes staggers imagination! And just in one hour drive from here, in the city of Tarifa near Gibraltar, there is an amazing place, where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean.

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