Towns on the Costa del Sol

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Nerja is located to the East of Malaga and occupies the area of ​​85 km². Nerja has the population of about 22 thousand people. The distance to Malaga is 50 km. The main tourist attraction of Nerja is the observation deck above the Mediterranean Sea that is called the Balcony of Europe. It is located where the Nerja fort used to be. The fort was destroyed during the earthquake in 1884 and this sight was called “Balcón de Europa” after the King of Spain Alfonso XII made a speech there. There also is a unique cave in Nerja. It is known as the natural cathedral of Costa del Sol, in summer the international festival of music and dance takes place there.

The city of Málaga is the administrative center of the province of Málaga in Andalucía. The population of Malaga is about 570 thousand people. Its area is ​​395 km². This is one of the cultural centers of Andalusia, a university city, the venue of the Málaga Film Festival, as well as the transportation junction of Costa del Sol. Such famous people as painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso and actor Antonio Banderas come from Málaga. In Malaga is famous for the ruins of the Roman theater (I century BC) and the monuments of Arabic architecture – Alcazaba, the fortress palace of the Moorish Kings in the center of the city, and Gibralfaro, the fortress lighthouse. There is an impressive and magnificent Cathedral in Málaga that was built in 1528 and is called One handed Lady, because its second tower was never completed due to the lack of funds. There are more than museums and memorial sites in Málaga.

Torremolinos is a small town in southern Andalucía to the West from Málaga. It covers the area of ​​20 km². Population of Torremolinos is approximately 70 thousand people. The distance to the administrative center of the province is 18 km. This is a nice and cozy resort town on the Mediterranean coast of Costa del Sol. The largest water park of the region is located In Torremolinos. You can also find a farm of crocodiles, a botanical garden and beautiful beaches here. The city is situated on the hill, so if you are staying in the city (not in the coastal area), you can access the beach in two ways: by one of the municipal elevators or by stairs. There are plenty of stairs, some of them are quite steep and some are slightly sloping.

Benalmádena is a resort town to the West from Málaga. It occupies the area of ​​27 km². Population of this town is 66 thousand people. The distance to the administrative center of the province is 22 km. Benalmádena is divided into three areas: Benalmádena Costa (Benalmádena Coast), Arroyo de la Miel (Honey Creek) and Benalmádena Pueblo (Benalmadena Town). The largest amusement park of the region called “Tivoli World” is located in Benalmádena. The largest stupa in the western world – Enlightenment Stupa (height 33 meters) was build here in Benalmádena in 2003.

Mijas is one of the largest towns on Costa del Sol in Malaga Province. It covers the area of ​​148 km². Population of Mijas is 83 thousand people. The distance to the administrative center of the province is 30 km. Mijas is located in the mountains that have the same name, these mountains limit the coastal territory of Mijas on the Southern Mediterranean coast of the Iberian Peninsula. Here the quietness and beauty of typical Andalusian village is amazingly combined with the energy of modern coastal resort. Mijas is divided into three parts – Mijas pueblo in the foothills and districts Las Lagunas and La Cala de Mijas located on the coast. Mijas is famous for its observation deck, a museum of miniatures, many churches and chapels, caves and picturesque parks.

Fuengirola is one of the most beautiful cities in the province of Malaga and one of the most popular resorts of Costa del Sol. Fuengirola has the population of 76 thousand people and occupies the territory of 10.2 km². The city is located in 35 km from Malaga – in the bay, surrounded by mountains of Sierra de Mijas. The city was founded by the Phoenicians. There were also Roman, Byzantine, Visigoth and Arab periods in the history of the city before it went to the Spanish crown in 1485. In Fuengirola marvelous wide beaches and parks coexist with numerous hotels, bars, restaurants and shop. The town has a huge water park and a Biopark here. On the outskirts of the town there are the ruins of an Arab fortress castle Sohail. Fuengirola also has a great marina with 200 anchorages.

La Cala de Mijas is a small town on the Costa del Sol, located between Marbella and Fuengirola. The population of the city is about 20 thousand people. The city has three shopping centers with a variety of shops, restaurants, cafes and bars. Near La Cala there is the port of Cabopino, where beaches, sports and fitness centers, tennis courts are located. The Costa del Sol Hospital is located nearby, which is considered the best public hospital in the region. There are 10 golf courses within a radius of 10 km from La Cala, one of which is La Cala Golf Resort – Europe’s largest golf resort with a five-star hotel and spa.

Marbella is an amazingly beautiful resort town on the Mediterranean coast of Andalucía. It covers the area of ​​117 km². Population of Marbella is 140 thousand people. The distance to the administrative center of the province is 58 km. The patron saint of the town is San Bernabé. Marbella is one of the most famous and prestigious resorts on Costa del Sol. A lot of foreigners live here. Marbella is incredibly beautiful and rich resort town with picturesque seaside boulevard and excellent public beach. The old town has been nicely restored. In the center there is the Plaza de los Naranjos – the square, where the town hall is surrounded by white lanes and orange trees. Original sculptures of Salvador Dali are exhibited on the Avenida del Mar avenue near the seaside. The town has an old church, a lot of museums and various restaurants and shops.

Puerto Banús is the most famous and luxurious resort on Costa del Sol, it is located 10 minutes drive from Marbella and the famous “golden mile” with the chalets of millionaires. The distance to the administrative center of the region of Malaga is 64 km. Puerto Banús is the main jewel in the crown of Marbella, it is the center of luxury and wealth, gold wallets and white yachts. Here you can meet famous singers and actors, Arabian princes and sheikhs, owners of global corporations and world famous brands. According to the city hall of Marbella, about 5 million tourists from all over the world come to Puerto Banús every year. There are lots of nightclubs, bars, cafes, restaurants, shops and boutiques of various brands. Puerto Banús has famous a marina, where you can often see the yachts of the richest people in the world.

San Pedro de Alcántara is a small and charming town on Costa del Sol. It has a beautiful promenade area, sandy beaches and golf fields. San Pedro is located between Puerto Banús, Nueva Andalucía, Benahavis and Estepona, on the flat part of the coast. The population of the town is a little bit more than 35 thousand people. San Pedro is divided into 4 parts: the historical center, Nueva Alcántara, Guadalmina Alta and Guadalmina Baja. San Pedro has a beautiful seaside boulevard, excellent beaches, schools, hotels, sports clubs and shopping centers.

Benahavis is small picturesque mountain village in the province of Malaga. It occupies the area of ​​145 km². Population of Benahavis is about 5 thousand people. The distance to the administrative center is 78 km. Benahavis is located among the mountains ranges between Marbella, Estepona and Ronda, so it has quite a privileged location on Costa del Sol. Benahavis is a secluded paradise, it is a charming Andalusian village with stunning sceneries and fresh mountain air. This is a popular place for those who enjoy beauty and comfort, because here they can find magnificent nature that is in harmony with the posh residential complexes. On the territory of Benahavis there are 13 luxurious golf fields. Benahavis is famous for its cozy restaurants with warm atmosphere and fine cuisine.

Estepona is a town on Costa del Sol in the province of Malaga. Once a quiet fishing village, today it is a thriving fashionable resort. Estepona occupies the area of ​​137 km². The population of Estepona is about 67 thousand people. The distance to the administrative center of the province is 83 km. The sandy coast of Estepona is 23 km long, there are 17 excellent beaches here. Estepona is also famous for its luxurious golf courses. One of the attractions of the city is the Flowers Square (Plaza de las Flores), where previously bullfights were held, and today there are a lot of nicest cafes and restaurants there. Estepona has a port built in 1977 where you can rent a boat or a yacht for a sea walk. On Sundays you can visit a large market that offers plenty of interesting goods.

Manilva is a town in the province of Malaga, located on the West coast of Costa del Sol. Its area is ​​35 km². Manilva has the population of about 14 thousand people. Distance to Malaga is 95 km. Relatively secluded location makes Manilva a perfect place to escape from hustle and bustle of big tourist centers of the coast. One of the specific features of Manilva is that there are no high buildings in the town. The territory of Manilva are the great coastline and the green hills covered with vineyards, picturesque rocks and fertile valleys. Manilva has gorgeous beaches, luxury golf fields, sports clubs and famous “La Duquesa” seaport (Puerto de la Duquesa), where the yachts from all over the world berth. One of the main tourist attractions of Manilva is Hedionda with the gorgeous Roman Sulphur baths built in the times of Roman conquerors. Another famous sight of Manilva is the fortress Castillo de la Duquesa.

Sotogrande is a town on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in the province of Cadiz in Andalucía. This is an artfully laid out settlement with the area of ​​2 thousand hectares. Sotogrande has a private marina, luxury five-star hotel, spa centers, posh houses, magnificent golf courses and Europe’s largest golf school. The largest seaport in Spain for boats and yachts is located here, it was built in the style of modern Venice with wide palm-lined avenues, comfortable beach clubs, great restaurants, modern medicine centers and sophisticated society. Sotogrande has the best fields for playing polo in the world. Many exclusive and posh private residences are located here next to quiet shady streets. Here you can meet the members of royal families or see famous politicians, actors or sportsmen sitting next to you in a café.

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